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What Is BaltimoreLink?

BaltimoreLinkIn October 2015 Governor Larry Hogan announced $135 million in targeted investments to transform and improve transit throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area. The multi-phase plan will create an interconnected transit system, known as BaltimoreLink, and includes redesigning the entire local and express bus systems throughout Baltimore and adding new high-frequency, color-coded bus routes to improve connections to jobs and other transit modes. 

The BaltimoreLink system will deliver a unified transit network and includes renaming existing Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) modes: LocalLink (Local Bus), Express BusLink, Light RailLink, Metro SubwayLink, and MobilityLink. Other key elements of the BaltimoreLink system include dedicated bus lanes, transfer facilities, and transit signal priority.

A major component of the BaltimoreLink system is CityLink – new, high-frequency, color-coded bus routes that will improve reliability and better connect riders to Metro SubwayLink, Light RailLink, MARC Train, Commuter Bus, Amtrak, and other services in the Baltimore region. In Baltimore City, CityLink routes will run every 10 minutes during peak periods and every 15 minutes during the midday. CityLink buses will be specially-branded and color-coded by route, with easy-to-read signage and detailed maps that will make the system easier to use. The CityLink bus routes, Light RailLink, and Metro SubwayLink will form an interconnected, one-transfer system: on these three modes, a rider will be able to get from any stop to any other stop with only one transfer.

The new system will provide more people access to jobs and will greatly increase the number of jobs accessible via high-frequency transit compared to the existing network. Many more people will have access to high-frequency transit (15 minute frequency or better) compared to the existing network, and the number of people who have access to any transit at all will also increase. The MTA is developing metrics to analyze the BaltimoreLink system; these metrics will be published on this website as they become available.

Please read more to learn about this comprehensive plan. We are currently making many revisions to the materials below in order to incorporate feedback from our public outreach period of Winter 2015-2016. The materials will be updated by Summer 2016.


Click on Map to see how CityLink transforms downtown bus service.

CityLink Preview

  • How was BaltimoreLink Developed?

  • Timeline

  • Jobs Connections

  • Network Redesign

  • CityLink

  • Express BusLink

  • Enhanced Light Rail and Commuter Bus Service

  • Enhanced Quick Bus 40 Service

  • School Service

  • Transit Facilities

  • Transit Signal Priority

  • Dedicated Bus Lanes

  • Signs and Maps

  • Last Mile Connections

  • Safe, Secure, Clean

  • BaltimoreLink In the News

  • Public Hearings

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