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Commuter Bus FAQs

Are seats reserved on an MTA Commuter Bus?
No seats are reserved on Commuter Bus coaches.  All seating is on a first-come basis. 

Are MTA passengers permitted to stand on an MTA Commuter Bus?
Generally, no.  Because our Commuter Buses travel at highway speeds, passengers must be seated for their own safety.  However, standees are permitted only in emergency situations, such as if a bus should become disabled on a highway and the following bus stops to pick up its passengers.  Also, standees are permitted on the last trip of the day, so as to avoid stranding our riders away from home. 

How do I check my baggage on an MTA Commuter Bus?
There are no checked baggages on MTA Commuter Bus coaches. Luggage & baggage may be stowed below in the storage compartments on MTA coaches with this feature.  The following items are not permitted on coaches: non-folding baby carriages, bicycles (except folding bikes in a case), surfboards, skis and any items that may cause safety hazards or inconvenience to other passengers.  For safety reasons, folding bikes and hard sided luggage are not allowed in the overhead racks. 

Are pets permitted on an MTA Commuter Bus?
Only small pets, confined in closed containers, are permitted on MTA Commuter Bus coaches.  The container must be carried by the owner and not placed on a seat or in the aisle.  Service animals accompanying passengers with disabilities are welcome on board.

Is eating & drinking permitted on an MTA Commuter Bus?
Food and beverages are prohibited on MTA Commuter Bus coaches. 

Are bathrooms available on an MTA Commuter Bus?
For your convenience, all MTA Commuter Buses are restroom equipped. 

Is smoking permitted on an MTA Commuter Bus?
Smoking is NOT permitted on MTA Commuter Bus coaches or inside bathrooms.

Can I purchase an MTA Commuter Bus ticket on the bus?
One-way fare may be purchased from the driver with exact cash. No change will be provided if you overpay. Smart Benefit paper vouchers are no longer accepted as valid payment aboard Commuter Bus. Ten-trip tickets, Monthly Passes and Transit Link Cards (TLC) may be purchased on-line at or at any Commuter Store.

Can I use my SmarTrip Card on an MTA Commuter Bus?
SmarTrip Cards are not accepted on any MTA Commuter buses.  Riders who wish to use a SmarTrip Card as payment must purchase their tickets online through the MTA Transit Store.

Are MTA Commuter Buses wheelchair accessible?
All Commuter Bus coaches are wheelchair accessible.

What is your policy regarding cell phone use on MTA Commuter Bus?
Cell phones are permitted, but we do ask that riders please be mindful of the other passengers while talking on a cell phone.  Calls should be brief, limited in number and made quietly so as not to disturb fellow commuters who are trying to read or rest. 

Are radios permitted on MTA Commuter Bus?
Passengers are welcome to listen to their favorite music onboard the coach. However, headphones must be worn and should be kept at a reasonable volume level so as not to disturb those seated nearby.

Are children allowed on an MTA Commuter Bus?
Children are allowed to ride on the bus.  Two children, under the age of six, may ride free of charge when accompanied by a full fare paying passenger.  Additional children and children age 6 and above will be charged the appropriate full fare.  The free child allowance does not apply to passengers traveling on any type of reduced fare.

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