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Amtrak/ VRE Cross Honoring

Amtrak/Virginia Railway Express (VRE) Cross Honoring


MARC one-way tickets are not valid on Amtrak trains, except in the case of designated service disruptions, as directed by Amtrak and/or MTA management.

MARC Monthly, Weekly, and Transit Link Card ticket holders may ride the following select Amtrak trains for no additional charge:

  • Amtrak Train 151 - Travel is restricted to Monthly/Weekly ticket holders boarding at Perryville, Aberdeen, and Edgewood stations only.  Passengers will be discharged at Baltimore Penn, BWI, New Carrollton, or Union Station.
  • Amtrak Trains 148 & 188 - Travel is restricted to Monthly/Weekly ticket holders whose destination is Aberdeen Station only.  Trains will not discharge any MARC ticket holders at Baltimore Penn, BWI, or New Carrollton Stations.
  • Amtrak Train 85 - Travel is restricted to Monthly/Weekly ticket holders boarding at Aberdeen and traveling to Baltimore Penn Station only.
  • Amtrak Train 137 - Travel is restricted to Monthly/Weekly ticket holders traveling from Baltimore Penn Station, BWI, or New Carrollton to Union Station.  Passengers will also be discharged at BWI or New Carrollton.

MARC monthly and weekly tickets may be honored for travel between any city pairs within the endpoints specified on the ticket - except for trains that allow travel only between specific endpoints.  For example, a MARC ticket good for travel in between Washington and Perryville may also be honored for travel between New Carrollton and BWI Marshall Airport.  However, a MARC ticket good for travel between Washington and Aberdeen may not be used for travel to Perryville.

MARC Tickets are not honored on any Amtrak train on the weekend.  Passengers are encouraged to use weekend MARC Penn Line service


MARC Tickets are not valid on any Amtrak trains on weekdays or holidays when MARC Train does not operate.

Amtrak Security Measures

In the interest of safety and security, Amtrak passengers, including MARC commuters and their property may be subject to screening prior to boarding Amtrak trains at Washington Union Station, New Carrollton Station, BWI Marshall Rail Station, and Penn Station in Baltimore. Passengers failing to consent to security inspection procedures will be denied access to trains and refused carriage.

Virginia Railway Express (VRE)

VRE monthly tickets are no longer honored on MARC.

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