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MTA Maryland has a few ways to get enotifications about our services to our customers. The first is My MTA Tracker alerts using  MTA’s MyMTATracker real-time alerts application,  Email/Text alerts, these alerts allow you to sign up for any or all of our services. Audio Now let's you call and get the latest MTA Transit Report. Finally, for our customers who employ RSS technology, we've provided RSS Feeds for each of our modes.

My MTA Tracker Alerts

When you sign up for MTA’s MyMTATracker real-time alerts application, you can set it and forget it to receive email alerts or text messages about your buses for the time or times that are right for you. For more information, please visit

(Please note that if you have signed up for MTA e-notifications in the past, real time alerts require a separate sign-up.)


Sign up for as few or as many of our services as you want. You can choose eNotifications for CityLink, LocalLink, Commuter Bus, Light RailLink, MARC Train, and Metro SubwayLink services. Our alert system allows our customers to customize their own alerts by choosing the service type, station, routes, and lines as well as service times and dates. Sign up for eAlerts here!

Audio Now

Get MTA's Transit Team broadcast updates to be accessed by phone.  The drive-time reports, which will air from 5:00 am to 9:00 am and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm weekdays, can be accessed free of charge at 410-500-4444. Only a cell phone user’s regular airtime charges apply, if any.

RSS Feeds

Commuter Bus
LocalLink Bus (Planned Diversions Only)
Light RailLink
MARC Train
Metro SubwayLink

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