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CAA launches loss of control awareness campaign

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched a safety campaign to raise awareness of ‘loss of control in-flight’ incidents in General Aviation. Loss of control events make up 20 per cent of all General Aviation accidents and 44 per cent of all fatalities.

An independent review of General Aviation safety published earlier in the year also found that most private flying accidents are the result of human factors and that education and continuous training is vital in improving overall safety levels within General Aviation.

The campaign will run for the next six months and examine how loss of control events occur and how General Aviation pilots can avoid them. Specific aspects of loss of control will be explored over the coming months with loss of control in the circuit being the initial focus of the campaign. Other issues that will be analysed include angle of attack and weight and balance.

Rachel Gardner-Poole, Head of the General Aviation Unit at the Civil Aviation Authority, said: “The recent independent review of General Aviation safety in the UK found that most recreational flying accidents are the result of human factors; and the most effective approach in reducing those accidents is more likely to be through continuous pilot training and improvement, rather than further regulation. 

“Safety promotion and education plays a key role in enhancing a pilot’s skills and we believe this campaign will be useful to all General Aviation pilots in helping to tackle loss of control incidents.”

All campaign material will be posted on the dedicated Stay in Control webpage

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