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Despite the Goodwood TDA EG D097 being available since April 2021, it has not yet been activated. This is due to delays in receiving Operating Safety Case (OSC) permissions from the CAA for BVLOS missions. We are hopeful that these will come through this month. Once they do, we will be in touch.

As previously advised, any activation of EG D097 between now and 23rd Sept 2021 will be limited to:

• Mon 0600-0900 and 1800-2100,
• Tuesday 0600-0900,
• Wednesday 0600-0900.

As we have incurred over a 3-month delay, it will not be possible to collect the data that was identified in the original trial plan, to fulfil the objective of the first part of the trial.

We will therefore be requesting an extension to the EG D097 availability period from the CAA, from 24th Sept through to 16th Dec 2021. This is to ensure we can complete all the testing activities required to eventually move to a trial within a Temporary TMZ.

In order to further minimise impact on other airspace users we are proposing a significant reduction in the size of the EG D097 to the South of the Goodwood ATZ from 24th September 2021. This is also to remove any dependency on Skylift’s ACP-2021-002, whose TDA will be available from 26th August 2021. Between 26th August and 23rd September, the Goodwood TDA and Skylift TDA will not be activated on the same day.

In addition, there would be no activation of the Goodwood TDA in any afternoon session from 24th September, activation would be limited to Mon-Fri 0630-0900 Local.

The diagram below shows the proposed, smaller EG D097 SFC-2000ft from 24th Sept 2021, with the southern curve being based on the Goodwood ATZ.

There has also been a delay to enabling a TISB broadcast in the area. This has been down to difficulties shipping equipment from outside the UK during Covid restrictions. However, these issues have now been resolved and the TISB broadcast should be live for trial soon, accompanied by a separate AIC. An extension to the first part of the trial will also enable a longer evaluation period for the TISB broadcast.

We hope that the reduced size of the TDA, combined with the early morning times and absence of PM activations will alleviate any impacts or concerns. However, please do let us know if there is anything else for us to take into consideration. For example, if there are any dates of airspace events during the extended period pre-0900 that we should avoid.

As this is not a new application to the CAA but an extension to an existing trial owing to delays in starting, we are hopeful that the 2-week feedback period is not seen as rushed, especially given the limited hours of operation going forwards.

Kind Regards,

Hannah McDonald


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