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NATS - Internet Briefing System Upgrade

The current AIS Internet Briefing System/website (IBS) has been in place for over 10 years and whilst it still meets its original requirements new industry standards have since come into effect. In order to meet these standards, the current IBS will be replaced by a new version in August on or before Aug 12th.

The new web address for the system is which has already replaced

The current site is being withdrawn on the AUG 12th, 08:00 and the new website will be activated on AUG 12th, 12:00.

NATS have attempted to minimise the impact on our users by retaining a similar look and feel to the current system, however depending on your usage there will be a small number of changes that may require you to act on in order to continue to use the site.

If you are a subscriber of any VFR chart RSS feed or newsletter email, then you will already be aware that this service will be retired as we cannot guarantee end point delivery of these updates and as an end user you would not be aware of any omissions. Therefore, we will continue to provide the update service chart by chart on the system and each will have a dedicated web address which you can bookmark and refer to.

If you are a NOTAM PIB user and have an existing account, we will require you to self-register a new account. NATS are unable to transfer your password, PIB history or handbook preferences and ask that you download or copy anything you wish to retain prior to the introduction of the new system.    

The system will be down for a short period of time (appx 3 hours) whilst the system is being upgraded. During this period contingency AIP and NOTAM will be available at 

NATS wish to take this opportunity to remove the enormous number of dormant and unused accounts which have accrued over the last 10 years; and engage with the users who are using automated methods to brief very frequently in order to highlight alternative methods. These measures will result in an improved experience for all other users. 

There are several new enhancements in the new system for users which are covered in the User Manual .

Please direct any questions or queries to or  


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