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Attention MTA Customers: Due to the increase in theft of hand held devices, we ask that you review our Anti-Theft brochure to help you learn ways to keep you and your devices safe!

The MTA Police Force is committed to helping everyone feel safe and at ease when they ride public transportation. It is a mission that the Maryland Transit Administration Police Force takes on every day of the year, with dignity and respect for all. Statistics confirm the depth of that commitment. Incidents of crime are consistently lower in and around MTA stops, stations and local communities where MTA Police are on patrol.

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MTA Police Force Policies and Procedures

In addition to protecting our riders and vehicle operators, MTA Police are responsible for enforcing the law and assuring the security of MTA property and revenue.

The approximately 183 sworn officers and 83 civilian employees who comprise the MTA Police Force are dedicated to providing the highest standards of law enforcement to the citizens of Maryland. Our multi-jurisdictional approach throughout Baltimore and surrounding counties is based on longstanding partnerships with allied local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The MTA Police Force is both multi-dimensional and flexible in its approach to providing security to all members of the transit community. Our strategic programs are designed to offer the utmost in protection in the most efficient manner possible. These approaches include:

  • Uniform Patrol and Plainclothes Units
  • Detective Unit
  • Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) Teams/Tactical Unit
  • Video Surveillance Teams
  • Bicycle Patrol Unit
  • Motorcycle Patrol Unit
  • K-9 Police Officer Unit
  • Homeland Security Drills
  • Weekly Zone Enforced Unified Sweeps

The MTA Police Force rigorously utilizes the MTA Comp Stat process to follow up, identify trends, deploy resources rapidly and maximize accountability.

We rely on citizens as partners in our efforts, and have established the “See Something, Say Something” citizen transit awareness program for citizens to report suspicious or criminal activity.

  • MTA Police Emergency
    410-454-7720 or 410-454-7721
  • Chief of Police
    Colonel John E. Gavrilis
  • Office of the Chief of Police
    Director of Intel for Homeland Security
    Captain Robert Stanley
  • Executive Officer to the Chief of Police
    Sergeant Demetria Spriggs
  • Executive Assistant
    Angela Brooks
  • Deputy Chief of Police
    Lt. Colonel Fred W. Damron Jr.
  • Executive Officer to the Deputy Chief of Police
    Sergeant William Schauman
  • Professional Standards/Background Investigation
    Sergeant Robert Womack
  • Operations Bureau Commander
    Major Jerome E. Howard, Jr. 
  • Northern District Commander
    Captain Robert Rosendale
  • Shift Commander
    Lieutenant Alfred Young
  • Shift Commander
    Lieutenant Bryan White
  • Southern District Commander
    Captain Shawn Wallace
  • Shift Commander
    Lieutenant Ronald Johnson
  • Commander, Special Operations Division
    Captain Theodore McLaughlin
  • Commander, Tactical Operations Unit
    Lieutenant Gordon Schluderberg
  • Director, Civilian Uniform Personnel Services
    Mr. Vernil McDavid
  • Deupty Director, Civilian Uniform Personnel Services
    Mr. Bill Collins
  • Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU)
    Sergeant Kenneth Combs
  • Administrative Division Commander
    Captain Timothy R. Perry
  • Administrative Unit Commander
    Lieutenant Paul Hayden
  • Training and Planning Unit Commander
    Lieutenant E. Lee Fenner
  • Technical Services Division Commander
    Captain Burna McCollum
  • Technical Services Division Commander
    Captain Kelly Holman
    410-454-1694 Office 
  • Communications Supervisor
    Cherie Briscoe
  •  Communications Supervisor
    Sheena Smith
  • Communications Supervisor
    Billie Wilsom
  • Police Monitoring Facility Supervisor
    Precious Evans
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