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Procurement Staff Directory


Georgia Peake Director 410-767-3763 Email

Joseph W. Sedtal

BPW Coordinator 


Christopher Tomlinson QA/QC Manager 410-767-3353 Email

Fax #410-333-4810/Conf Rm 410-767-3878

Cheryll Brewton Acting Contracts Manager 410-767-3446 Email
Hanta Ralay Procurement Officer 410-767-3576 Email
Clyde Walker Procurement Officer 410-767-3352 Email
Ros McCulley Chief of A & E 410-767-3354 Email
Gina King Procurement Administrator 410-767-3363 Email
Tammy Russell Procurement Specialist II 410-767-3369 Email
Lisa Willis Procurement Specialist 410-767-3591 Email
Megan Carter Procurement Administrator 410-767-3835 Email
Akkiaya Williams Procurement Administrator 410-767-3884 Email
Nia Mincey Procurement Administrator 410-767-5393 Email
Purchasing - fax 410-454-7892
David Lynch Senior Manager 410-454-7899 Email
Glenn Kraus Manager 410-454-7902 Email
Brenda Hayes Procurement Administrator 410-454-7885 Email
Carl J. Hudec Procurement Administrator 410-454-7884 Email
Cornell Williams Procurement Administrator 410-454-7924 Email
Colleen Boston Procurement Specialist 410-454-7891 Email
Brenda Baker Procurement Specialist 410-454-7890 Email
Sendy Harold Procurement Specialist 410-454-7882. Email
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