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Fall 2017 Service Adjustments

The following is the list of changes for the Fall 2017 service change, which will start on Sunday, September 3. A total of 25 adjustments are included in the service change, including shifting of trips, adding in trips/increasing frequencies, increasing service spans, and alignment changes. These adjustments are based on internal and external feedback, including comments from operators, the public, and other MTA departments. These adjustments are in addition to the supplemental service/school trippers added in the Fall pick to manage increased demands on the system as a result of students returning to school and using MTA service.

Service Modifications

CityLink Blue - Weekday

  • Three eastbound trips that originally started at North Bend Loop, now will be extended to start at CMS. Two westbound trips that terminate at North Bend will be extended to CMS.
  • Added early morning trips (eastbound 413 AM, 439 AM, 500 AM; westbound 417 AM)
  • Adjusted runtimes.

CityLink Gold - Weekday

  • Added westbound trip at 242 AM.

CityLink Navy – Weekday

  • Added a southbound trip leaving Mondawmin at 1010 PM.

CityLink Orange - Weekday

  • Added three westbound and eastbound trips at approximately 330 AM, 432 AM, 530 AM. Frequency increased to every 30 minutes early morning, then every 15 starting at 600 AM.
  • Adjusted runtimes.

CityLink Red – Weekday

  • Extended northbound 430 AM trip from Towson to Lutherville.
  • Added northbound trip leaving University of Maryland Transit Center at 506 PM.

CityLink Yellow – Weekday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Extended all trips currently originating and terminating at Riverview to Patapsco Light Rail Station, including late night trips short turning at Commerce Drive.

CityLink Pink - Weekday

  • Added two morning trips (315AM, 415AM) both eastbound and westbound.

CityLink Brown – Weekday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Modify alignment to bypass White Marsh Mall past 930 PM (directive from mall management on private property).

CityLink Lime – Weekday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Change northwest segment from "Not in Service" to revenue service on Brenbrook Drive and Old Court Road and proposed two new bus stops (at Home Depot/layover and Northwest Hospital).

LocalLink 31 – Saturday, Sunday

  • Shifted four trips/changing patterns in both directions to provide similar weekend service as previous scheduled.

LocalLink 34 – Weekday

  • Extended two trips in both the morning and evening peak to Greenspring Station.

LocalLink 52 – Weekday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Shift trips to mirror previous schedule.

LocalLink 62 – Weekday

  • Swap northbound and southbound trip start times to restore previous service schedule.

LocalLink 65 – Saturday, Sunday

  • Added evening weekend trips.

LocalLink 67 – Weekday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Shifted northbound trip.

LocalLink 69 - Weekday

  • Rebuilt service to provide a more evenly spaced frequency on the trunk (Patapsco LR to Cromwell LR) and branches to Jumpers Hole and Annapolis in both directions.

LocalLink 70 - Weekday

  • Rebuilt service to provide a more evenly spaced frequency on the trunk (Patapsco LR to Cromwell LR) and branches to Jumpers Hole and Annapolis in both directions.

LocalLink 75 – Weekday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Added trips to fill in overnight service gaps when Light Rail is not in service.

LocalLink 76 - Weekday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Modified northbound alignment of route due to difficult turning movements based on operator feedback. Former alignment was eastbound Pratt, left on Calvert, right on Lexington. New alignment is eastbound Pratt and left on Gay.

LocalLink 80 - Weekday

  • Add early morning trip eastbound.

LocalLink 83 – Weekday

  • Restore service to 20 minute peak and 30 minute mid-day frequency, mirroring the previous schedule on the former 53 line.

LocalLink 87 – Weekday

  • Shifted trips to provide better transfer access; trip departing Owings Mills Metro Station at 359 AM now departing Glyndon 425 AM, arriving Owings Mills Metro Station at 450 AM to connect to first Metro trip.

LocalLink 89 – Weekday

  • Shifted trip to deliver a 543 AM arrival at Redland Court.

Express BusLink 104 – Weekday

  • Reinstate service based on previous schedule.

Express BusLink 120 - Weekday

  • Restored trips to match previous service levels.

Bus Stop Adjustments

For the Fall service change, there are a total of 85 proposed bus stop adjustments, which include 14 proposed new stops, 32 reactivated stops, 24 stop relocations, and 15 stop removals.

The 46 bus stops proposed to be added to the BaltimoreLink bus network based on subsequent analysis as well as public and bus operator comments and will facilitate transfers between lines, provide better access to trip generators and other points of interest, and provide enhanced safety for passengers.


NB = Northbound
EB = Eastbound
SB = Southbound
WB = Westbound

NS = Nearside (before the intersection)
FS = Farside (after the intersection)
MID = Midblock (in between intersections)
OPP = Opposite (on a long block across the street from a T-intersection)

Type Stop ID On Street At Street Direction Location
New 13846 25th St Charles St WB NS
New tbd Broadway Baltimore St NB NS
New tbd Broadway Baltimore St SB NS
New 13827 Centre St Cathedral St EB NS
New tbd Eastern Ave Ablermarle St WB FS
New tbd Eutaw St Fayette St NB FS
New tbd Franklin St Monroe St WB NS
New tbd Key Hwy Opposite McHenry Row SB FS
New tbd Madison St Charles St WB NS
New tbd Northern Pkwy Park Heights Ave WB FS
New tbd Paca St Lombard St NB FS
New tbd Presstman St Mount St EB FS
New tbd S East Ave Hudson St SB FS
New tbd S East Ave Hudson St NB FS

All new bus stops must comply with state and federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards to the maximum extent feasible. Additional stop locations have been identified but require construction to meet accessibility standards and will be incorporated into subsequent service changes based on construction timelines.

Reactivated stops were selected based on public and operator comment.

Type Stop ID On Street At Street Direction Location
Reactivate 470 Alameda 33rd St SB NS
Reactivate 3100 Belair Rd Century Rd SB MB
Reactivate 3153 Belair Rd Century Rd SB MB
Reactivate 3059 Broadway Eager St NB FS
Reactivate 4006 Dolphin St Pennsylvania Ave EB FS
Reactivate 327 Druid Park Dr Park Heights Ave SB NS
Reactivate 384 Frederick Rd Osbourne Ave WB NS
Reactivate 3065 Gay St Lanvale St NB NS
Reactivate 3605 Gay St Lanvale NB NS
Reactivate 1573 Greenmount Ave 33rd St SB NS
Reactivate 6935 Hanover St Cromwell St NB NS
Reactivate 454 Loch Raven Blvd Lochner Rd SB NS
Reactivate 577 Loch Raven Blvd Woodbourne Ave NB FS
Reactivate 8996 Loch Raven Blvd Cold Spring Ln NB FS
Reactivate 11237 Main St Bond Ave SB NS
Reactivate 11320 Main St Bond Ave NB NS
Reactivate 14155 Pennsylvania Ave Seminary Ct NB FS
Reactivate 873 Preston St Milton Ave EB NS
Reactivate tbd Red Brook Blvd 700 Red Brook Blvd NB MB
Reactivate 1201 Reisterstown Rd Fords La SB NS
Reactivate 8385 Security Blvd Security East WB MB
Reactivate 8386 Security Blvd Security East EB MB
Reactivate 12672 Sinclair Ln Sinclair Plaza EB MB
Reactivate 11043 Wilkens Ave Alan Dr W WB OPP
Reactivate tbd Liberty Liberty Plaza NB NS
Reactivate 3481 Taylor Ave Loch Raven Blvd WB NS
Reactivate 3560 Taylor Ave Collinsdale Rd EB NS
Reactivate 3480 Taylor Ave Collinsdale Rd WB OPP
Reactivate 3562 Hillsway Ave Dartmouth Ave SB NS
Reactivate 3478 Hillsway Ave Dartmouth Ave NB FS
Reactivate 713 Park Heights Fords La SB NS
Reactivate 1096 Park Heights Fords La NB MID

There are a total of 24 bus stops that are proposed to be relocated for Fall service change as a result of further analysis, bus operator input, and public comment, and include justifications based on access, spacing, and transfers.

Type Stop ID On Street At Street Direction Location
Relocate 3146 Belair Rd Fleetwood Ave SB FS
Relocate 13825 Centre St Eutaw St EB NS
Relocate 1906 Eastern Ave Conkling St EB FS
Relocate 2037 Eastern Ave Conkling St WB FS
Relocate 5861 Fallsway Monument St NB NS
Relocate 1589 Greenmount Ave Preston St SB FS
Relocate 1592 Greenmount Ave Eager St SB FS
Relocate 3628 Harford Rd Bonaparte Ave SB NS
Relocate 1309 Hudson St Highland Ave WB NS
Relocate 1311 Hudson St S East Ave WB NS
Relocate 7495 Main St Chartley Dr NB NS
Relocate 901 Moravia Rd Sinclair Ln WB NS
Relocate 977 Preston St Montford Ave WB NS
Relocate 4676 Pulaski St Franklin St NB NS
Relocate 6416 Pulaski St Mulberry St SB NS
Relocate 701 Reisterstown Rd Warren Rd SB OPP
Relocate 4890 Remington Ave W 28th St SB MB
Relocate 14111 West Cold Spring Metro n/a n/a n/a
Relocate 2671 Wolfe St Pratt St SB NS
Relocate 10693 York Rd Belvedere Ave SB FS
Relocate 815 Baltimore St Frederick EB NS
Relocate 6181 Echodale Ave Elsrode Ave EB NS
Relocate 32 Reisterstown Rd Fulton Ave SB NS
Relocate 12085 Erdman Ave Edison Hwy SB FS

Lastly, 15 bus stops have been proposed to be removed from the network due to operator and public comment related to operational and pedestrian safety as well as installation issues.

Type Stop ID On Street At Street Direction Location
Remove 1918 Eastern Ave Umbra St EB MB
Remove 7599 Eastern Ave Old Eastern Ave EB NS
Remove 94 Fort Ave Towson St EB OPP
Remove 100 Fort Ave Towson St WB NS
Remove 13790 Fulton Ave Mulberry St NB NS
Remove 3068 Gay St North Ave NB NS
Remove 3271 Ingleside Ave Security Blvd SB FS
Remove 463 Loch Raven Blvd Northgate Rd SB NS
Remove 11137 Monument St Edison Hwy EB NS
Remove 4438 Mulberry St Fulton Ave EB NS
Remove 4069 Preston St Howard St WB NS
Remove 12263 Ritchie Hwy Baltimore / Annapolis SB MB
Remove 3857 Poncabird Pass Ponca NB FS
Remove 13799 Gilmore St Pratt NB FS
Remove 14031 Calhoun St Lombard St SB NS

A final list of all bus stop adjustments will be posted in September in conjunction with the Fall Service Change occurring on Sunday, September 3.

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