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May 18, 2016
Last year, American Pharoah glided over a rain-dampened Pimlico Race Course track to win the Preakness - his second stop on the way to making history as the 12th Triple Crown winner in American horseracing This Saturday, Nyquist will get his shot at the history books when he takes on a field of 3 year-olds at the 141st Preakness. And whether Nyquist is good enough to win each leg of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes, and become a racing Triple immortal, one thing is certain. MTA is a best bet to get you there. The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) will... more
May 13, 2016
Ok, let’s be brutally honest. The past few weeks (or is it months?) of rainy, cloudy, energy-sapping weather doesn’t exactly make you think about our national pastime – baseball.   But at least fans of the Baltimore Orioles can take pride in the fact they are cheering for a first-place club.   Despite preseason predictions of doom and gloom for our local team (the starting pitching is too weak, who is going to steal bases, etc), at this early point of the baseball season, the O’s are showing off muscle at the plate (leading the American League in homers) and surprisingly stingy pitching.  ... more
April 13, 2016
In the 19th century, America’s engineers created infrastructure to last. But even the most optimistic builders of the time would have been amazed that the Baltimore & Potomac (B&P) Tunnel, dedicated in 1873, would still be on the job 143 years later. As the oldest element of railroad infrastructure in the entire Northeast Corridor (NEC), the B&P Tunnel sees about 140 passenger and freight trains pass through its portals on just two tracks every weekday. The B&P is located between Baltimore’s Penn Station and the West Baltimore MARC Station. Owned by Amtrak, it’s a major NEC... more
March 25, 2016
At the corner of Baltimore and Holliday streets in Downtown Baltimore stands a living, functioning monument to creativity and ingenuity that's about to celebrate its 200th birthday. It's a streetlamp powered by gas, and it was about two centuries ago when Baltimore became the first American city to light its streets with gas lamps. The beacons would soon spread throughout the city, spreading cheer and lighting the way for cities across the nation to take back the night.  Starting Monday, March 28 thru Sunday, April 3, 2016, Baltimore revives that first-of-its-kind tradition in a fabulously... more
March 10, 2016
Last week’s ticket checks at Union Station left some of our MARC riders concerned about missing their train or just having to stand in line before boarding. No riders missed their connection because of the process, and the trains left on time. However, we wanted to respond to some of our customers who questioned the value of checking tickets in this way.  Increased police presence on its own has been shown to augment safety and security in a wide variety of situations simply by encouraging those with ill intent to move on. The effectiveness of making police more visible in various places on a... more
February 24, 2016
With relatively mild temperatures and no rain in the forecast for the final Saturday and Sunday in February, this could be an ideal weekend to bring your bike onto the MARC Train Weekend Service on the Penn Line. With Black History Month coming to a close, we're ready to welcome March and Women's History Month. And Rosa Parks is the perfect symbol for both months. Start with a visit to the Rosa Parks statue in Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol, within walking distance of Union Station. According to the Architect of the Capitol website, “the statue of Rosa Parks is historically significant as... more
February 23, 2016
The Maryland Transit Administration’s Director of Mobility Carl Parr is justly proud of his latest purchase on behalf of MTA. With 147 new Ford Taurus “Police Interceptor” vehicles replacing nearly one-third of the current fleet, Mobility can now offer its customers a smooth, comfortable ride to rival that of luxury vehicles costing much more. The purchase represents a new way of thinking for MTA, based on Administrator Paul Comfort’s vision of a transit agency that is “safe, efficient, reliable and offering world-class customer service.” In this case, the focus on efficiency enabled the... more
February 4, 2016
While the snow has faded faster than we could have imagined possible that weekend of January 23-24, the blizzard known as Jonas will not fade from our memories at MTA any time soon. It was the largest East Coast winter storm on record, having dumped more than two feet of snow over an unprecedented contiguous stretch from Washington D.C. to New York City. To give you an idea of how seriously this “Snowzilla” affected Maryland, the highest sustained winds of the entire storm – 57 MPH – were recorded right here in our state at Assateague Island, which also recorded gusts of 85 MPH. Fortunately,... more
January 29, 2016
This past weekend – just two weeks shy of six years ago – Marylanders were again reminded that “life is what happens while we’re making other plans.”  The blizzard Jonas presented challenges to the MTA and our passengers like we haven’t seen since since the February 5-6, 2010blizzard called "Snowmagedden.” Also known as “Snowpocalypse” and "snOMG," the 2010 storm, unlike Jonas, was the second of three major snowstorms in just a 12-day period. Maryland and our mid-Atlantic neighboring states were among the hardest hit, with record snowfall totals from 20 to 35 inches. The highest officially... more
January 19, 2016
Until now, it’s been an unusually mild winter in Maryland. But with Friday’s forecast calling for several inches of snow, we want you to know that we’re ready to roll no matter what Mother Nature brings. Here’s a look at what MTA does to prepare for a winter weather event. • MTA puts additional service and support personnel on standby for Local Bus, Light Rail and Metro Subway operations. • As weather conditions develop, MTA monitors the condition of roads – hills, curves and the like – that are particularly challenging and advises of any needed diversions, speed restrictions or service... more